About Us
77 Construction & Contracting Co. following its establishment in 1988 in Turkey, developed to be a reputable ample company by successfully completing every contract undertaken in various construction projects: mainly in motorways, tunnels, bridges, hydraulic structures, and various other infrastructure projects. The Company expanded abroad by establishing “77 Construction Contracting & Trading Co.” in Iraq in 1998, which has become one of the most prestigious companies in Iraq, having very important contributions to the civil reconstruction efforts of Iraq during and after the war. In total the Company employs in Iraq a workforce of about 2,500 people that continues to expand rapidly. Building on its success in Iraq, in 2009, 77 Construction & Contracting Co. expanded into Afghanistan and at present employs a workforce of about 1,200 people that also continues to expand rapidly working in various types of civil construction projects, including hydro dams.

In 2011, 77 Construction & Contracting Co. expanded it business into the Oil & Gas Sector in Northern and Southern Iraq. The corporate office is in Istanbul with branch offices in Erbil and Basrah. The 77 Oil & Gas Division is presently performing multiple contracts in the Iraqi Oil & Gas Industry building crude and gas pipelines, oil field flow line, a tank farm, performing civil work (road construction, pilings, concrete platforms and man camps). It is also performing the mechanical and electrical work for the erection of a crude oil processing facility and all of the civil works for the expansion of a refinery. While the services offered by the new Oil & Gas Division are limited at the present time, 77 Construction is establishing partnerships with multinational Oil & Gas Service Companies to complement its service offering to become an EPC contractor for building oil and gas pipelines, oilfield surface facilities and refineries. It is also providing on a contract basis Diesel Production Units to make an oil field fuel self sufficient.