Usaid/Bechtel Iraq Insfrastructure Reconstruction Project Certificate of Appreciation..
For excellence in the planning and execution of the repair of the Tikrit Bridge over the Tigris River.
45Th Sustainment Brigade Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to 77th Contruction Company
For hard work and dedication to the us army and fob q-west army airfield.
Certificate of appreciation is presented to 77 Construction Company
For Outstanding support from april 2006 to july 2006 to Coalition forces serving in the global war on terrorism.
301st Area Support Group Certificate of Appreciation 77 Construction
For exceptional service in providing logistical support to Soldiers,Sailors,Alrmen,Marines, and Dod Civilians.
Completion of Al Morrel water bottling facility, Q West, Iraq
Thank you for your efforts in the consturciton of the water bottling facility fot Al Morell at Q West.